Sunshine Shepherds

RGRCH MBIS RBIS AKC Pointed 3Colors Sharp Dressed Man SPOT-ON, CGC, TKN (Griz Lee)   

is a dog unlike any other. He's overly loving and playful, we jokingly call it getting

"Grizzed" When he bear hugs you from behind and you're unaware it's coming. (It's always

coming). This is a CAN-DO Dog! He CAN- DO EVERYTHING! He's a 12x Best in Show Winner / 3x Reserve Best In Show Winner

(and counting!) Junior Handled / Owner Handled by Emily Erskin & Jessica McRae who co-own this gorgeous boy! Griz has accomplished being one of the top 20 dogs IN THE WORLD! Proud doesn't even cover it. He's even raising up the next generation of Junior handlers!