“Sunshine Shepherds has been amazing to work with. Sunshine Shepherds made sure that we got the right puppy with the right temperament for our family. We’ve

had Gaia for nearly 4 years now and

to this day I can still ask questions

and for advice. We didn’t just get

an amazing dog from Sunshine

Shepherds, we got our fourth

baby that was perfectly picked

for our pack.”


- Brown Family

I am so thankful for the German Shepherd puppy we purchased from Sunshine Shepherds! Rocky is a joy to our family, and I attribute his confidence (and good looks) to the loving care he received at her hands. Throughout the purchase, they held my hand and answered questions. At no time did they ever make me feel like I was bothering them, and treated every question as if it mattered. A true asset to the breeding community!!

-Chaloux Family

"My handsome young man Gunner, My Pup from Sunshine shepherds. He always receives comments on his coat, temperament, his health. Sunshine has always been available for any questions I may have. Always like the pictures with the new puppies. Thank you for your support."


- Garske Family

Sunshine Shepherds

"Sunshine Shepherds is an amazing breeder. I couldn’t have asked for a better dog. I got my first GSD in 2017. The sweetest well bred GSD. I loved my dog so much that I had to have another one and now I have 2 from Sunshine Shepherds. I couldn’t have asked for a better breeder. She answered all my questions and has guided me through everything. They are very well socialized, crate trained and so adorable."

-Fenstermaker Family

My baby girl is my first German Shepherd. Actually, my first dog as an adult. I'll admit I was a bit apprehensive getting a dog that I wouldn't have a chance to meet first (I live in Wisconsin and since Sunshine is in Oklahoma it's quite the trip). I spoke with Sunshine at length about what I was looking for in a pup and she put my mind at ease when she told me she'd find the perfect one for me. She watched the pups carefully and made a recommendation as to which one would be perfect for me based on what I was looking for in temperament. She was spot on with her recommendation. Liberty is everything I was looking for and more. She's a beautiful smart, healthy, happy girl who makes everyone she encounters happier. She came to me already very well socialized to both people and other animals and even mostly house-trained! As a direct result of her socialization, she's never met a stranger! Sunshine raises them right! As a bonus, even though Liberty is home with me now, Sunshine still makes her expertise available should I need anything. It's nice to have that resource and a huge help when I run into things I don't know how to handle.

I wouldn't hesitate to get another pup from her.               - Blodgett Family